Window 10 Build 10565 has now been released to Windows Insiders in both Fast and Slow Ring Insiders and you can read our coverage for the build by clicking here. Now in this article we share our impressions of the build and will also share all the major changes brought by the build.

Windows 10 Build 10565 impressions:

  • After some days of hands-on time with the new build we can vouch for its stability and polish. The build feels smoother and faster than ever.
  • Microsoft Edge improvements makes the browsing experience much better. Tab Preview is cool!!
  • Overall the hands-on UI navigation experience on Build 10565 leaves us happier and impressed.
  • The native apps like Photos, Mail, Calendar, Movies & TV all open faster and work without hassles.
  • Title bars now appear darker and it does streamline the appearance of entire UI navigation
  • There are some bugs that one can encounter at times and we have a list of known issues already.
  • Store experience is more refined and we have seen apps and games installing without any issues. Good work there!!

Overall, we rate the build high in terms of its usability as the daily driver!!

Windows 10 Build 10565 detailed changelog:

Colored Title Bars:

The Title Bars got the chosen theme color in earlier builds too, but it is darker in this build.

Screenshot (26)

Easier account add options:

It is much easier to add accounts for Email, Calendar and contacts from “your email and accouters” page now.

Screenshot (27)

Text, apps and other item size change Slider:

This slider lets you change size of text and app’s Live Tiles. You can fit more tiles and even more action buttons by moving the slider.

Screenshot (19)

Apps Installation:

Apps can be installed to Removable storage now. The option is now available with the Build 10565.

Build 10565 app insta

Offline Maps on removable storage:

Offline Maps should be able to be download on MicroSD card soon as revealed by the option.

Build 10565 storage

Find my device:

The option is now present with Build 10565. You can choose whether your device’s location can be saved periodically.

Screenshot (6)

Enhanced Activation option:

The activation option used for your device is now mentioned on “activation” page. Now you can even use Windows 7 and Windows 8 product Key for activation.

Screenshot (7)

Microsoft Edge enhancements:

Favorites can be synced now. Also check the Tab Preview (just hover over other tab) in second screenshot.

Screenshot (13)

Screenshot (12)

Screenshot (8)

Ring Selection Slider:

A new Insider Preview Ring selection Slider is there.

Screenshot (14)

Skype integration to messaging & Video:

New messaging app brings Skype integration & Skype Video apps. Now you can use Skype directly from messaging app and also place call by using Skype Video from Phone and Messaging app itself.

Screenshot (11)

Screenshot (10)

Cortana Enhancements:

You can now notice “Missed Call notifications” and “Devices Search History” as new options in Cortana settings. It seems with future Windows 10 Mobile builds one may be able to receive missed call notifications and even send SMS using Cortana.

Screenshot (15)

Screenshot (16)

New Context sensitive menu & Jump list changes:

Both the Live Tiles context sensitive menus and File Explorer jump lists have undergone changes and now sport new design and look. File explore jump lists have new options like “More”.

Screenshot (17)

Screenshot (23)

New default printer option:

Check the new “Let Windows manage my default printer” option in “Printers & Scanners”.

Screenshot (22)

Revamed Icons:

New revamped icons appear everywhere.

Screenshot (18)

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (21)

Colored Icons are gone:

The colored icons like “Store” seen in earlier builds are gone in this build.

Screenshot (24)

Tablet Mode looks sleek:

Screenshot (9)             Screenshot (25)

In case we have missed out on some Windows 10 Build 10565 changes, do let us know in comments below and we will update the article.