Build 14251L

Two interesting Windows 10 leaks to report via a Twitter account!! Windows 10 Build 14251, that was earlier spotted on BuildFeed arousing speculations around has been leaked in a new screenshot. The Build that has been compiled on January 24 and marks a bug jump over the Build 11107 in terms of Build number, the closest Build in terms of compilation date. Anyways, the screenshot hardly reveals anything.

Now, we reported about leak of Build 11103 screenshots and the same Twitter account that posted Build 14251 screenshot has also posted link of Windows 10 Build 11103 ISO. While we don’t recommend installing 3rd party ISOs from Internet, there are not many compelling reasons to install it as well. Build 11103 is not supposed to bring anything new or significant over Build 11102, the latest Preview Build.

Check one more Build 11103 screenshot below.

Build 11103