AdDuplex has released its Windows 10 Mobile / Windows 10 devices report for May 2017. For your information AdDuplex gathers, analyses and releases Windows Phone and Windows devices market share report every month.

Highlights are spread of recently released Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile Creators update. As per the report while only 18% PCs are running Windows 10 Creators update, 56% of Windows 10 Mobile devices are already running Creators update.

This in spite of the fact that Windows 10 Creators update roll-out started on April 11, days before, Windows 10 Mobile Creators update roll-out start date of April 25. But Windows 10 Mobile has much less device numbers as compared to Windows 10. Update being rolled out in phases too has contributed to this.

Creators update country wise distribution has also been provided. Germany takes the lead with 27% devices running Creators update.

The report also shares details about Windows 10 PC manufacturers worldwide. HP is still the top dog followed by Dell. Microsoft holds 2.6% of PC market share.

Source: Adduplex