We have earlier reported about Windows 10 Composable Shell aka CShell that will make Windows 10 adaptive to all form-factors including Mobile. Now, images and video of Windows 10 CShell Mobile UI has leaked in images and video. The video demos how the CShell Mobile UI and experience is almost like having full Windows 10 desktop UI condensed to a Phone’s display.

Windows Central has managed to get one of the accidentally released Windows 10 Mobile builds installed on a HP Elite X3 without going into Boot Loop. New features and changes become visible when one sees the video demo. Highlights are,

  • Landscape Home Screen, a feature that remains on the much-desired list of Windows Phone fans
  • Desktop like Live Tile sizes, context menus and other features like Live Tile on/off toggle
  • Action Center is also same as seen on Desktop with similar quick-action buttons and settings
  • Shared Cotinnum experience across Mobile and Desktop
  • Silverlight apps don’t open on Windows 10 Mobile with Composable Shell as leaked earlier for Redstone 3.

Check the full video demo below,

Coming to when we can expect full Windows 10 to arrive in Mobile via Composable Shell, Microsoft has dropped a big hint when it announced that Builds for Mobile will come from different branch than the PC. This, as per the official blog post is result of more work for converging code into OneCore.

This is a result of more work we’re doing to converge code into OneCore – the heart of Windows across PC, tablet, phone, IoT, HoloLens, Xbox and more as we continue to develop new improvements for Windows 10 Mobile and our enterprise customers.

Via: WC