The incidental leak of Windows 10 Mobile Build 16212 gave some hope to fans that Microsoft is indeed working on Redstone 3 builds for Mobile parallelly. Now, while we have heard from horse’s mouth that some enterprise-focused new Mobile features are in works, it seems that there may be less familiarity with Windows Phone in RS3.

A screenshot posted by Microsoft enthusiast Gustave on Twitter shows that perhaps in a future Redstone 3 build, Windows 10 Mobile will stop supporting old Windows Phone Silverlight apps.

This was however claimed to be the case in a report we last posted about the new Microsoft Mobile hardware running Windows 10 Mobile from a separate branch. This new Windows 10 Mobile version was said to drop Silverlight apps support. So, on joining the dots we can reach to the conclusion that Microsoft is testing its new ultimate mobile devices with Redstone 3, as was reported by our sources.

We can’t term it as an OS reboot as Fall Creators update or RS3 will still support Windows 10 Mobile UWP apps. But it seems that the Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile reboot that was set in motion with the introduction of Windows 10 Mobile will be complete with RS3.

Source: Twitter