A new report confirms what we reported some time ago about Microsoft still working on the mythical Surface Phone. The report cites unnamed internal Microsoft sources. It claims that Microsoft is working on a new mobile hardware that will run a different Windows Mobile version from a separate branch.

This unknown Windows Mobile branch is Windows 10 on ARM or yet another Windows 10 Mobile version is not clarified in this leak. But the tenor of source article suggests it may still be Windows Mobile only. Even our sources have told us that Windows 10 on ARM is not targeted at Mobile in near-future. What Microsoft is working on is Windows 10 Mobile ARM64.

This report further claims that the new Mobile device will come with “added hardware component” enabling new experiences, which are again not elaborated upon. The Windows Mobile OS that this hardware will run may have different UI than existing Windows 10 Mobile OS. It will not be reportedly able to run the Silverlight apps.

The timeline for this hardware to hit the market is around one year hence. But if everything goes fine the report surmises that the release date may be closer than one year.

We recently reported about a “Hinged device patent” that gives an interesting idea about new hardware experiences Microsoft is working on. We heard it from none other than the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself that Microsoft is looking beyond ordinary smartphones available today and that a new Mobile form-factor is under testing.

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Source: Thurrot