Windows 10 Driver updates were always tricky but after version 2004 things are looking better for sure. On older Windows 10 versions, most of the times one needed to manually check for driver updates by going to Device manager to get the latest ones. Due to this driver updates required a lot of precious time and effort.

But, if the version 2004 experience is anything to go by Microsoft has started delivered on its promise of making driver updates more streamlined. The latest driver releases from manufacturers and chip makers are being delivered automatically via Windows update.

Microsoft has though made them optional updates so that user has control over installing them. Optional update option appears in Windows update when an optional update is available. You can also search in settings and go to Optional updates.

Microsoft has in fact announced back in February that starting version 2004 manufacturers and other vendors will be able to use “automatic updates” route for publishing driver updates.

Microsoft has termed this new publishing strategy as “Manual Drivers”. It grants Microsoft access to driver flighting, and gradual rollout. This as per Microsoft will allow to detect issues earlier and take corrective action if necessary.

For the Device manager fans you can still go and check for driver updates but it will now work through Windows updates. You can still manually download the driver update package and update driver through that. But, since manufacturers are flighting drivers via Windows update after proper testing it is safer to use Windows update for drivers.