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The latest Windows 10 Build brings a new Tablet Mode & personalized taskbar, ability to copy PC information and more


Microsoft published first Windows 10 preview Build 20161 to the Dev channel that brings many new features and changes. While the Build brings the earlier leaked unified Start Menu with more emphasis on icons it also packs new a new Tablet mode, a new personalized Taskbar and also the ability to copy PC information. There are improvements in notification experience too.

Check more details about these new features below.

Personalized Taskbar for new users:

Microsoft is offering default Taskbar content and tailored Taskbar layouts based on user and device signal. This experience is however limited to new account creation or first logon scenarios. Microsoft will not alter the Taskbar layout on existing accounts.

Tailored default Taskbars for different users.

Copy Device information & see security status:

Microsoft informs that links that would open the System page in Control Panel will now direct to About in Settings. It will also be possible to copy device information and also see the security status in Windows Security.

New Tablet experience for 2-in-1 devices:

Microsoft is changing Tablet experience, so that PC will switch directly into the new tablet experience without showing notification toast. You can change this setting by going to Settings > System > Tablet.

Microsoft is also removing the tablet mode quick action on non-touch devices. In addition, new logic is incorporated to let users boot into the appropriate mode according to the mode they were last in and whether the keyboard is attached or not.

Notification experience improvement:

The new Build also brings change in notifications experience. There will be app logo at the top and a X icon on the top right corner to quickly dismiss.

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