Windows 10 2004

Microsoft may be working on a modern “Disk Partition management or Diskpart” tool for Windows 10. Recent finding by Windows enthusiasts in the code of Windows 10 preview Build 19577 and above have hinted at development of such tool.

This was first hinted in a tweet by Rafael who found the “Modern_Disk_Management_Link“.

Currently Windows 10 features a basic Disk management or diskpart tool that is considered to be not good enough by many. However it is the most handy tool when one needs to delete/create partitions or expand space on a disk. Therefore the overall experience of disk partitioning or expanding space using the currently inbuilt Windows 10 Diskpart tool leaves much to be desired.

While, Microsoft may be working on a modern and improved version of such tool but it is not coming in Windows 10 Version 2004. Perhaps, Microsoft is planning to include it in next major Windows 10 update.