Native Maps app on Windows 10 Mobile has just received a major update on the Fast ring. Though the update is also available for Windows 10, new changes and features have come to only Windows 10 Mobile Maps app with this update. The new Maps app version is 5.1706.14720.

The update brings new voice navigation options and also brings more Fluent Design change to the UI. Here are the details of this update.

  • You can choose between three volume options for voice navigation: Softer, Normal and Louder
  • You can also select where to play voice navigation over Bluetooth or on the device
  • Automatic zoom option is gone
  • You can go to Windows Bluetooth settings from the Maps Settings
  • Maps app gets more Fluent design love and now Acrylic shows up in even more places like search and there is even change in its appearance from the last version
Windows Maps
Windows Maps
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