We recently reported about Lumia 950 running Windows 10 on ARM getting the WiFi support soon. Now, the developer community has released the Windows 10 on ARM version 1909 update for Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

The update not only brings WiFi support for Lumia 950 but also packs many changes and new features. The auto-rotate feature is also present now, though via a mod written by Gustave.

Check the full changelog of the update as posted by the dev community passionately keeping Lumia 950 and 950 XL alive.


  • Thermals improvements
  • Connected Standby improvements
  • Battery life improvements
  • Auto rotation (second party)
  • Side interaction (some prototypes only)
  • WLAN bring up on Lumia 950 (non XL)
  • General updates and bug fixes

➕ Desktop support additions

  • Added FM radio signal status (Airwaves)
  • Added auto rotation tool to enable the auto rotation feature on Lumia devices
  • Added WoA Dialer as inbox
  • Added notifications on first boot to notify when the installation process is really finished
  • Added correct processor power management configuration for MSM8992 and MSM8994, this fixes most power related problems, heat, connected standby

➕ MMO support additions

  • Added MMO sensor driver, most sensors now work properly.
  • Added MMO DAC driver
  • Added Grip drivers (for prototype devices only)
  • Added power management configuration
  • Added Modem multivariant provisioning data
  • Added customizations for Tablet mode, the device will now remember the last mode you used
  • Enabled by default touch keyboard in Desktop mode when a hardware keyboard isn’t connected
  • The device display will now dim after 30 seconds, turn off after 1 min, and immediately enter connected standby

➕ 8992 support additions

  • Added WLAN support to 8992

➖ SoC support removals

  • Removed power estimation engine packages which were broken

➖ MMO support removals

  • Removed ALS driver, which caused issues during sleep

🔄 Desktop support changes

  • Fixed double notification issue (Chat)
  • Fixed FM radio service crashing during boot (Airwaves)
  • Adjusted vibration motor default intensity to 80%
  • Fixed an issue where a console window would show during boot time
  • Single SIMs are now automatically detected and their secondary broadband adapter is nulled as consequence
  • Fixed an issue where the charging notification sound wouldn’t play properly

🔄 SoC support changes

  • Several updates have been made to battery, WLAN, cellular, power, subsystem, RIL stacks/drivers to improve reliability

🔄 MMO support changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Lumia 950 (non XL) information
  • Updated Lumia USB C driver
  • Devices are now treated as tablets, instead of Laptops

If Windows 10 ARM on your Lumia 950/XL interests you and you want to play with it you can do it easily by using the WOA Deployer for Lumia tool. Click here to go to install the tool and for further instructions.