Windows 10

The next iteration of Windows 10 which is codenamed as Restone 5 could be called Windows 10 October 2018 Update. It is quite obvious as its Predecessor i.e., Redstone 4 got a similar kind of treatment when it comes to announcing an official name. Microsoft, however, is considering a change in plan likely from 2019 when it comes to putting a name on a public build.

The news, however, is not coming from an official Microsft blog post or anything of that sort.  The news is coming straight from a Microsft watcher Walking Cat who is quite famous for leaking the under the hood stuff that is just not public yet. Which means that one cannot take the news for granted. Having said that Microsoft is also approaching the release of Redstone 5 and we will definitely hear more from Microsft regarding the official name.

Till then we can do nothing but speculate about what might be the real name of the next Windows 10 build which will hit the market sometime in October.