Microsoft today released yet another out-of-band update KB5001649 to fix Windows 10 BSOD an printing issues. This update follows updates KB5001567 and KB5000802. Microsoft has recommended to install this update only when one faces issue while printing the graphical content in a document.

Now the update KB5001649 is failing to install for many users. The issue is widespread as is clear from many threads created in official Microsoft forum by users.

One user writes,


I was beginning to install the new out-of-band update to fix printer issues, however it gave me an error (0x80075401) when it tried to install, not at the end.


I was not sure what caused the issue however, can you suggest me some ways?

Similar feedback has been added by many other users.

Optional Quality Update Keeps Failing to install (KB5001649)

I keep getting this error when I check for updates on Windows 10. 

I’ve searched for this KB and it’s nowhere to be found anywhere on the internet.

I also recently had to do an Upgrade in place for windows because I was having some update issues.

It seems that the update can be successfully downloaded and installed manually. You can click on the download link below to install it.

Download link:

You can manually download this update by clicking here. If you need help in understanding how to install these updates manually on your PC, you can refer to our step by step noob-friendly tutorial here.