Microsoft recently released monthly update KB5003214 to Windows 10 versions 21H1, 20H2 and 2004. The update brings news & interest for all and also improves the hover experience in news and interests. It also fixes many big issues like Windows 10 memory leak, Your Phone issue, video playback issue, audio and auto-HDR issues.

But the update is causing Taskbar for many users. It is also failing to install for some users. Taskbar issue may be widespread as is clear from many threads at Reddit by users.

Taskbar issue:

Many users have reported facing Taskbar issues after installing the update KB5003173. This is what one of the users has reported. Read similar user complaints by clicking here, and here.

Strange taskbar/notification area behavior caused by “News and interests” feature


I’m experiencing an issue that I’ve traced to the new “News and interests” taskbar feature. I got this feature recently – within the last few weeks, I don’t recall exactly because I shut it off immediately – and things were fine. But after a few updates yesterday (21H1, KB5003214, KB5003254), the notification area in the far right edge of the taskbar began behaving strangely.

Basically, if “News and interests” is turned on, everything is fine. But when it is turned off, the notification area gets pushed farther to the right (sometimes even disappearing entirely) as soon as a new icon appears on the taskbar. For example, in my case the printer icon isn’t not usually in my notification area – but once I print something it pops up temporarily. That seems to trigger this strange behavior that pushes the notification area to the right. Sometimes icons from my taskbar’s pinned items superimposed over them.

If I turn “News and interests” back on, everything snaps back to normal and it’s fine. If I turn “News and interests” back off, it will stay normal until another new icon appears on the taskbar again.

After some trial and error I believe this behavior is a result of KB5003214. I did a system restore to before all my updates yesterday, then reinstalled one-by-one and that was the update that seemed to trigger this notification area problem.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anything I can do but wait for a fix?

Fails to install:

Two users have reported that the update KB5003214 fails to install.

Windows Error 0x80073712

I have been trying to update Windows to the 2021-05 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 21H1 for x64-based Systems (KB5003214). I keep getting the error code 0x80073712. Does anyone know a solution? I’ve tried many different videos and online articles but none seem to fix it.