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Windows 10X in action on Surface Pro 7 (Video) & Lumia 950 XL (more screenshots)


We last reported about Microsoft enthusiast Gustav porting Windows 10X to Lumia 950 XL. Now more images of Windows 10X running on Lumia 950 XL and even a hands-on video of Windows 10X on Surface Pro 7 have been posted on Twitter.

Hands-on video:

The hands-on video of Windows 10X running on Surface Pro 7 shows why it is touted as the lighter and faster version of Windows 10. Not only it runs quite smoothly it looks more attractive too.

More Windows 10X on Lumia 950 XL images:

New images posted by Gustave on Twitter show how well the Windows 10X adapts to the Lumia 950 XL. Windows 10X is the Windows One Core OS in flesh and it was supposed to be adaptable to all form-factors. The ease with which Windows 10X UI scales to Lumia 950 XL confirms its modular design.

Recently a new Windows 10X build has leaked and many installed it on their Windows 10 PCs using the Hyper-V. While Windows 10X sheds some Windows 10 Mobile features like Live Tiles, it is a light-weight and more modern looking OS as compared to traditional Windows 10. It is also faster and may be a better fit for devices like smartphones and tablets.

Take a look at modular Windows 10X major features and changes that make it a faster and more aesthetically pleasing Windows 10 variant.

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