Microsoft has recently released 2023 September update KB5030219 for Windows 11 version 22H2. You can read more details about the KB5030219 update by clicking here. Now, it seems that the update KB5030219 is causing BSOD (Blue/Black screen of death) and PC slowness for some users. Some users are also experiencing gaming performance deterioration and other issues after installing this update.

Users are reporting BSOD issue after installation of the 2023 September update KB5030219 for Windows 11 version 22H2 on Reddit.


My 13 month old laptop got its first BSOD just now after I updated windows :/ I’ve been using my laptop 16 hours a day everyday with no problem ’til now.


My levnovo laptop just has a black screen after this update. I’ve done everything. This laptop is a year old. Sooooooo what’s going on with this update?

Another issue reported by users in the Reddit is the slowness of PC after the update KB5030219 installation.


Did this update yesterday at the same time as some NVIDIA GeForce Driver updates and this morning my PC is super laggy for all the other users of the computer but me (poor kiddo this morning was very sad). It is very weird and I can’t figure out which one of the two is to blame for this.

Is anyone seeing something similar on their end? I tried removing the Windows update but it is still choppy (moving the mouse is a challenge)…

Some users have also reported gaming performance deterioration issue too after installing the update KB5030219 on their Windows 11 PCs.


Am dealing with the same issue myself.. all my games lag on a medium high pc.. ive tried everything.. tests, factory reset.. uninstalling the update.. reinstalling drivers.. bios reset.. bios update.. and pc is still laggy and choppy.. yesterday night games were running at 100+ fps and now they lag and stutter at 10-15fps.

I sent a ticket to Microsoft and they have no solution or answer… This update literally killed my pc and Microsoft does not even care.. how updates this bad get approved????

Some other issues were reported too. Many people are not able to open Start Menu and Search bar after installing this update, it seems.


I work as IT support for company of 15+ people. Most people after this update were not able to open start menu and search bar (including me).
When you press on start menu button it just changes color, but it does not pop up.
Tried most of the fixes online like restarting explorer.exe, changing regery, sfc scan and etc.

But still facing same issues. Currenlty uninstalled this update on all PC. Waiting for fix