Microsoft may be planning to add a new UI feature to Windows 11. A hidden setting in the latest Windows 11 version 23H2 Build 25188 can be used to enable “animated settings navigation icons”. Though the official documentation mentions a wider use of this new motion (animation) in icons signifying some action.

Rafael Rivera posted about this new feature on Twitter with a video demoing how the animated icons look like. The feature can be enabled via edit “34878152”.

Microsoft has also provided some detail about this new UI animation feature in its official documentation. It has termed it as “Delightful: Unexpected moments of joy with purpose”.

Delightful: Unexpected moments of joy with purpose

Motion adds personality and energy to the experience in order to transform simple actions into moments of delight. These moments are always brief and fleeting, and help reinforce user actions.

Example: Minimizing a window causes an app icon to bounce down, while restoring bounces an app icon up.