Start Menu has seen significant changes in Windows 11 and in fact has lost many features as compared to Windows 10. One of the major missing Start Menu feature in Windows 11 is the ability to create folders.

Named groups and folders of apps are no longer supported in Windows 11. You can read all other missing features in Windows 11 as compared to Windows 10 by clicking here. This has been highlighted by many users in feedback to Microsoft.

Now, it seems that Microsoft is finally listening. The feature to create named folders of apps may be finally coming back to Windows 11. A short video posted on Twitter reveals that the feature is already in testing and may probably be coming to Windows insiders soon.

The video shows the named folder creation by dragging and dropping an app on another in the Start Menu. This looks really useful and will be welcomed by all Windows 11 users who upgraded from Windows 10 and were missing the feature.

What next though? Live Tiles and ability to resize the Start Menu may make a comeback, if enough feedback flows to Microsoft.