File explorer redesign may not be the only major new feature in the upcoming Windows 11 version 23H2. Enthusiasts have been digging codes in the latest Windows 11 Builds to find out more. Recent revelations suggest that Windows 11 23H2 may also bring multitasking improvements and ungrouped Taskbar item labels.

Coming to details now, Windows 11 may get “Smart snap suggestions” as a new feature. This will include the ability to remember different app layouts and also ability to find apps in suggested snap views.

Enthusiast account PhantomOcean3 enabled the “somewhat functional” feature in Windows 11 Build 23435. It seems that once enabled the feature can’t be turned off. Currently, Snap suggestions don’t work well in the snap bar (at the top of the screen) but work well in the snap flyout (hover over maximize/restore). As expected, the feature may be a bit buggy in experience right now.

Another new feature that may be welcomed by many is ability to ungroup and label Taskbar items. Windows 11 removed the ability to never combine open apps on Taskbar. But now it seems that Taskbar on Windows 11 23H2 will have ungrouped items and labels too once the new features arrive. Check the short video posted by another enthusiast account.