Windows 11, the rechristened Windows 10 Sun Valley update may be announced on June 24. Before June 24 unveil, Microsoft has stopped significant insider builds for dev channel perhaps in a bid to keep the hype intact.

Now, a report indicates that the Windows 11 aka Windows 10 Sun Valley update insider builds may belong to range 22XXX and above. The latest dev channel insider build is 21309 and Microsoft will probably release Build 22000 or newer to the dev channel on June 24.

Yesterday, Microsoft launched a minor update to Build 21309 in the dev channel for reportedly testing servicing pipeline. It may keep on doing so until the June 24 unveil.

Recently we posted about some recent official Microsoft document modifications that revealed that the 21H2 aka Sun Valley update may belong to the “Cobalt” branch. So, probably the Cobalt branch is being primed for future insider build releases.

Windows 10 version 21H2 aka Sun Valley update was expected to be the one to bring major UI changes and improvements to Windows 10. Insider builds for Windows 10 21H2 version have revealed many new features and UI changes that Microsoft has been working on. You can read our full coverage here.

Microsoft recently announced its “Windows event” on June 24 and in the process also revealed a new logo for the upcoming new Windows. Now, many sources are claiming that Microsoft is going to unveil Windows 11 as the successor to Windows 10 on June 24.