Wi 10

Thanks to quite modest system requirements for Windows 10 installation, I tried to install it on my Windows 7, 32-bit Netbook. And, when you try to do that, a surprise awaits you. You can read our earlier article for system requirements and the steps to install Windows 10 Technical preview.

So, when you have signed as “Windows insider” and click on the “install technical preview link as given below”, you don’t download a 4 GB ISO image on Windows 7, as in the case of Windows 8 devices, but just a file of 4 MB size . Yes, you heard it right! You have to run this 4 MB exe file and then it will ask for a system restart.

2) Now you can install technical preview from here, but please first read what Microsoft wants you to read,

After the restart, it will check for system update, if enabled and you will be offered a “Technical Preview” update download of 2 GB size.

Win 10

Install this 2 GB of Windows 10 Technical Preview update and you would be running the latest Windows version on your Windows 7 PC or Netbook or Laptop.