Cortana-HEREPlease take it with bowl-full of salt!! A newly minted leakster account on Twitter, WPleaker has posted two videos which show Cortana in action and HERE Maps UI on a Lumia 925. Another posted image reveals Windows Phone 8.1 Games Hub. Watch the videos of Virtual assistant Cortana & HERE Maps in action below,

Games Hub:

Games Hub will have much deeper Xbox smart Glass integration and the games will be arranged in a grid rather than a list as it is now, it seems.

Be6ZFTPCcAELNg9.png large


The UI in below image is certainly different from what we have now on Windows Phone 8 and has search bar on top with here logo on the left. Both these are absent now from HERE Maps’ UI. Also the bottom bar of “search, places and collections” is also absent in the above image.



Don’t ask whether this is real or fake! It increasingly looks real, but can be handiwork of some smart “Faker” as well. For the time being enjoy what looks like really nice Windows Phone 8.1 concept, which will be really  great if comes true.