Wipro India, a division of Wipro Ltd., the global leader in technology-enabled solutions have moved several key business-critical enterprise applications to Microsoft Azure.

In other words, the company has migrated its IT Infrastructure to Microsoft Cloud and is hosting a majority of its business-critical enterprise applications on Azure. To provide a seamless always online, cross-device experience to users, across geographies, Microsoft worked closely with Wipro to ensure the streamlining of key aspects such as access, performance, availability, and latency from the cloud data centers.

While speaking, Raja Ukil, Senior Vice President, and Chief Information Officer, Wipro Limited said:

Adopting best-in-class technologies such as Azure helps rapidly transform enterprise-wide processes, employee experience and improve agility. The Azure platform has helped us build modern applications, which offer simplicity and great user experience with an extensive leverage of open source technology. It has also enabled us to set new benchmarks in the pace of adoption in addition to collaboration and partnership in feature evolution to meet the complex requirements of the enterprise.

Alos, on this occasion, Peter Gartenberg, General Manager, Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft India said:

We are excited to be the strategic partner for Wipro in their journey towards digital transformation with the cloud. Their adoption of Microsoft Azure on a large scale as both Platform and Infrastructure as a service not only provides benefits as an enterprise but also helps Wipro extend this capability and experience to its global customers in delivering trusted cloud transformation services.