appsupThree major Windows Phone apps have seen updates. Native Music app for Windows Phone 8.1 has seen its first promised update which is supposed to bring following changes,

  • Numerous stability fixes, including many of the reported black screens
  • Cortana integration is complete and now supports playing playlists by name
  • UI polish to improve animations and transitions between UI views
  • Improved messaging for encountered errors, such as unplayable content in collections
  • Background initial sync of local and cloud content

If you are not prompted for the update, you know how to check them manually now.

Nokia MixRadio also has seen a meaningful update with following changes,

  • Automatic refresh of offline mixes. Offline mixes will try to refresh after 20 days when the app is open and connected to WiFi.
  • Search for mixes.
  • Mixes will now be recommended to you, based on your unique music profile.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Lastly, OneDrive which just saw an update bringing Windows Phone 8.1’s sharing features to the app also fixes duplicate folder issue with a new update.

Music app

Nokia MixRadio