Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is finally available for purchase on the Microsoft store. We have earlier reported that the Xbox Adaptive Controller is all set to release in this year only for $99.99. The first-of-its-kind controller though is not restricted to Microsoft, you can also purchase it from GameStop Online for $99.99.

Aiming at people who deserve extra care, the new controller even comes up with a packaging that doesn’t need much attention from the user, making it a hassle-free experience while doing the unboxing of the product.

The Redmond giant claims that the response they had seen with the product at E3 was remarkable.

While the response from communities, gamers and press when we introduced the controller in May was remarkable, the true impact the Xbox Adaptive Controller has had with gamers becomes clearer when attending events like E3 in Los Angeles in June, wearing an “Xbox Adaptive Controller” t-shirt. Walking the show floor to run a simple errand, you become bombarded with smiles, greetings and high-fives—shared by gamers of all types—embracing and furthering the fondness of supporting inclusivity in gaming. It’s a powerful sentiment of appreciation for inclusivity, and we’re humbled by the reception.

Please note that the new Xbox Adaptive Controller is only available in the USA and the UK as of now.