Xbox gear shop is now selling gears with price ranging from $8 to $80.  Microsoft recently announced a website for selling gears which went live just a few days back but there was no merchandise to purchase. Finally, Xbox gears are available both for men and women to purchase from the Xbox gear website.

With various cool design, Xbox gears come with sizes of a different colour, sizes and form factor e.g., Hoodie, Neck Tee, Jacket, Hat, etc. It will come with all the sizes from SM to XL and even 3X is made available. The options are not a lot like what we found in a usual gear shop as we are at the very beginning. In coming days we will see more and more variant of gears join the club which is certainly a good news for Xbox fans. As of now we only have ten options to choose from which is not at all bad.

The timing of the release is fantastic this time and also makes a ton of sense as E3 is currently going on. With news of various new games and Microsoft’s new acquisitions, this news kinda connects the dots.