Xbox Live Creators Program

At 2017 Games Developer Conference, Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Creators Program.

The Xbox Live Creators Program will enable game developers to quickly integrate Xbox Live sign-in, presence, and social features into their UWP games and then publish it to Xbox One and Windows 10.

This will help anyone to rapidly publish Xbox Live-enabled games on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs and reach millions of Windows 10 PC audience as well as to every Xbox One owner across the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio which Microsoft is going to talk about at E3 event in June this year.

The Creators Program offers a straightforward way for developers to address a huge audience across Windows and Xbox One, with minimal additional development time. An important element is that developers can continue using the tools they’re already using today to create UWP games. Game engines with “out of the box” support for UWP games include Construct 2, MonoGame, Unity, and Xenko. The program works with retail Xbox One consoles, so you won’t need a dev kit to get started. For developers who want access to more Xbox Live capabilities and to gain additional development and marketing support for their game, they can enroll in the ID@Xbox program – even after their game ships.

On Windows 10 PC, games from the Creators Program will be available in the Windows Store. Xbox One offers players a more curated store experience, so games from the Creators Program will appear in a new, distinct Creators games section in the Store. This gives the best of both worlds – the curated store experience console players know and expect, and the opportunities that a totally open store experience offers as well. I’m stoked to see what developers create and offer the Xbox community with the Xbox Live Creators Program!

If you are a game developer, you can download and start using the Xbox Live Creators SDK at today.

Please note that this program is currently in preview and open to a select group of developers initially.