Microsoft has now started a new streaming service for the testers of Xbox. This new feature lets you post your own Xbox games on your mobile device.

Starting today Microsoft is allowing testers to test out the latest preview streaming feature. This feature is available for Xbox insiders on Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead rings in the US and UK. Wi6rh this new feature, you’ll be able to play your owned and installed Xbox One games, including Xbox Game Pass titles, on an Android phone or tablet remotely from your home console.

Although the company has already previewed its XCloud gaming streaming service that lets you play your favorite Xbox games directly from the cloud. And now this is the second freedom for users to enjoy their games wherever they want.

How to use:

  • You need to be an Xbox Insider in the US and UK with a console enrolled in the Alpha or Alpha-Skip-Ahead rings to participate in the preview.
  • We will expand the preview to more rings and regions in the future. If you’re interested in joining the Xbox Insider program, you can find more information here.

To participate in the Xbox Console Streaming preview, Insiders need:

  • A phone or tablet running Android 6.0 or higher, with Bluetooth 4.0.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One Wireless Controller.
  • While not required, we recommend a controller mount for those gamers testing on a phone.
  • Download the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app from the Google Play Store:

  • The app will guide you through setting up Xbox Console Streaming on your enrolled Xbox One, including performing a test to ensure your home network, console and controller are ready for Xbox Console Streaming.

The network test ensures your console’s network connection and setup meet the minimum requirements:

  • NAT type: Open or Moderate
  • Upstream bandwidth: At least 4.75 Mbps required, 9 Mbps preferred
  • Network latency: 125 ms or less required, 60 ms or less preferred
  • Console settings: Power setting must be Instant-on