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Red Stripe deals for this week: Halo: Spartan Assault, ArchiTech and Pocket Sheep

[xyz-ihs snippet="Fluids"] So, time for this week’s “Red Stripe Deals”. Halo: Spartan Assault, ArchiTech, Pocket Sheep are three apps which go for a discount on WP store this week. ArchiTech and Pocket Sheep is available for $0.99 and Halo: Spartan Assault is still priced $2.99. Click the links below to buy these titles from store. Halo:

MS store Holiday offers: Lumia 520 for just $49. Lumia 521 for $79. Sign a new contract and get $100 off.

[xyz-ihs snippet="Fluids"] Not sure when AT&T is going to update that amazing price of $49 for Lumia 520, but MS store has already started selling Lumia 520 for $49 and this is valid till 2nd of December. Lumia 520 link There are many more new offers like, Lumia 521 prepaid for just $79

Adduplex Windows Phone highlights & trends for the month of November 2013.

[xyz-ihs snippet="Fluids"] Time for some stats analysis to find out the Windows Phone trend for the month of November, courtesy to Adduplex's data. Lumia 520's share is on rapid rise and now it touches 26.5% of overall WP installed base Worth mentioning are Lumia 920 which still manages 2nd rank, Lumia 625 and

Offers Galore: Now Prepaid Lumia 620 for $99, $20 app voucher with any Nokia Lumia in US.

[xyz-ihs snippet="Fluids"] It is raining pocket friendly offers on Nokia Lumia devices. Windows Phone store has accumulated many offers for a quick look and two of them are really good. Yesterday I reported about AT&T to start selling Lumia 520 for $49.99 and now another Lumia the Lumia 620 is available