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26 Best (Must Have) Apps for Windows 10 Mobile


So, you have treated yourself with a new Windows 10 Mobile smartphone lately and here we are with a list of essential apps for your new device. We have categorized these essentials for easy referencing and it is all you need for a jump-start. We know that not everyone has similar apps and games need though, so you can explore our apps & games section after installing below mentioned gems. Here are few recommended links to explore apps once you are done with the games below.

20 Best (must have) games for Windows 10 Mobile

Recommended Windows 10 Mobile Apps / Games

Device setup & utility Essentials

Transfer my Data:

Grab it for getting data like contact, music etc on your shiny new Lumia from any phone (Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and others)

Developer: Microsoft Mobile
Price: Free


For all your cloud needs on the Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile platform. It is an essential app and you will be also backing up all your necessary data for a restore in future to OneDrive along with images that you capture.

Price: Free

Office Lens:

Very useful when you quickly need to scan and send documents. You will feel the need of having it on your device once you have used it.

Price: Free

Word, Excel, PowerPoint:

Your productivity won’t suffer on the go if you have these apps installed that allow you to create, edit and share documents on fly.

Price: Free+
Price: Free+
Price: Free+

Social Essentials

Facebook / Facebook Beta:

Must have, need we say more.

Price: Free

Price: Free


The official Twitter app is all-new UWP app now and is near-perfect

Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free


Must have for you professionals

Developer: LinkedIn
Price: Free

Photo sharing Social Essentials


The official Instagram app has just become so much better

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free


Best app for Instagram on Windows Phone

Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Free


Official Vine app

Developer: Vine Labs Inc
Price: Free

Camera Essentials

Movie Creator Beta:

Because it is the best video editor & movie creator app and it’s official too.

Developer: Microsoft Mobile
Price: Free

PicsArt :

My personal favorite for Collage making and when the need of editing photos arises.

Developer: PicsArt Inc.
Price: Free

Fantasia Painter:

Many vouch for Fantasia painter as the best photo editor app

Developer: Nokola
Price: Free

Weather Essentials

MSN Weather:

Very intuitive and simple interface

Price: Free

Note taking Essentials


The official and must-use app that keeps you connected across devices

Price: Free


One of its kind. Natural Handwriting note taking.

Price: Free

Music and Video

Moliplayer Pro:

Only all-format video player for Windows Phone

Metrotube or MyTube:

Best YouTube experience on Windows Phone

Price: Free

Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: Free

Messenger Essentials


It’s all in the name

Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free


It is about eco-system

Developer: Skype
Price: Free

Facebook Messenger:

You know, you need it

Developer: Meta
Price: Free

Blog & Blogging Essentials


It’s all in the name after all!

Developer: Fenêtre B.V.
Price: Free

iPress for WordPress:

Bloggers, here is your best Windows 10 Mobile WordPress app

Developer: Global-Soft
Price: Free

RSS Reader & Knowledge Essentials


Flipboard will certainly be on your phone if you have used it on previous devices

Developer: Flipboard
Price: Free

Nextgen Reader:

Best RSS reader for Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile

Developer: Next Matters
Price: Free


Best Wikipedia app for Windows Phone

Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Free

Special needs


Must have for the commentaholics

Developer: Disqus
Price: Free

This list is certainly flexible and your inputs are welcome!

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