We have tried to neatly collate all the changes revealed from the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview. So, there are three parts of this collated changelog. First is about how Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows RT will be closer than ever. Second is about OS changes and new features. The third part is about new apps and changes in existing apps in Windows Phone 8.1. We will keep this article updated, so stay tuned!!

Both Windows Phone & Windows RT apps targeted by the same code:

  • Universal apps is a template to build both Windows Store and Windows Phone apps from the same solution sharing code more easily (HTML/JScript). Connect portal (proof). WP and WinRT are categorize now under Store Apps in visual studio. So you can see how MS is trying to merge them.
  • Main templates are universal apps that create both WP8.1 and WinRT project. Expecting to see more WinRT apps from now on as they’re making it very easy and kind of influencing me to do so, considering the solo templates are at the bottom of the list.
  • No more silverlight. So apps now can share XAML between WinRT and WP8.1 (sometimes whole pages).
  • Instead of an AppBard there is a commandbard. (only bottom) You can bind to the buttons. Tilt no longer requires a toolkit. Instead is build into most control styles using PointerDownThemeAnimation. Goodbye XAP hello APPX.

OS changes & New features:

  • Back button doesn’t terminate the app but suspend it just like WinRT
  • GridView and ListView
  • VPN support confirmed
  • Apps installation on SD Card
  • Windows Pone 8.1 will have javascript support
  • Slide down to close app
  • Pivots, now called Hub, have smaller title. More screen space!
  • File Manager coming, Docs talk about a file picker and saver
  • Lots of new transitions by default
  • Progress ring from WinRT is here.
  • New Youtube player
  • WebGL support
  • Better HTML5 support
  • New USB settings
  • New navigation bar color
  • Only one new accent color
  • Windows Phone 8 is known as WinPRT

New Apps & Changes:

  • WP8.1 apps not compatible with WP8 devices without running WP8.1 update. WP8.1 devices can run WP8 apps though
  • Wifi sense
  • Camera app has 3 new mode: camera, burst and video
  • Battery sense (see what apps are taking the charge)
  • Data sense
  • Storage sense
  • New podcast app
  • Music & Video apps are exactly like Xbox music and video apps

You can see all Windows Phone 8.1 images leaked today on our Flickr set.