Almost bezel free, like the bezel less display on the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook. Image below for comparison. We are days away from the Surface Pro 4 unveil, with Microsoft set to announce it on October 6.

And while Dell seems to be copying the Surface Pro 3, Redmond is drawing inspiration from the Infinity Display technology that Dell brought forward with this year’s XPS 13.

A technology that not gives a device sleekness in terms of design, but also helps with ergonomics as it becomes easier to carry it around.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 could come with a very thin bezel for its display, something similar to the image you see below:


That said, there are a few big challenge that the technology giant has to deal with when it comes to a super thin bezel like this — that being, to ensure that the tablet is not only easy to hold in the hand for the users, but also preventing accidental taps on the screen.

And then there is also the case of potential damages that the display might suffer due to hits.

Basically, a lot of usability concerns.

Because after all, Microsoft may market the Surface Pro as a device that double as a laptop, but at its core, this is a tablet through and through.

Then again, if this report is true, Redmond might have already figured out ways to cope with these problems considering the fact that the device just around the corner.

Let’s wait a few more days and see what Microsoft has in store for us.