Bero’s Bizarium is now available to download from Windows store. This game is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. This game is a great fun for both young and adult.

The game is already enjoys good rating and reviews. Graphics seems good and bets part of is that is FREE!!!

Bero’s Bizarium description:

The fantastic Bero has brought an attraction the world has not yet seen! A miniature circus! A lion in a cardboard box! A spectacular world of paper!

But beware! Bero will open the curtains of his bizarium only for a short time for you. 90 days remain to master his first challenge: the “Jumping Leon”!

Come closer, do not worry: Discover Beros fascinating mini-circus – the creatures that you will meet are brought to life by miraculous magic!

Are you ready for Bero’s Bizarium?Do you have the skill to persist his first performance before time runs out? Pit yourself against your friends and master Bero’s tasks to get his trophies!

Drum-roll! The curtain opens for Bero’s first frolic:

“Jumping Leon” takes you to the oldest circus discipline and awaits your practiced fingers with 23 fire rings. You scoff? Be curious about Bero’s treacherous traps and escape his nasty tricks.

Check out the game trailer below:


You can download the game from the given link below.

Bero's Bizarium
Bero's Bizarium
Developer: Bootsmann Games
Price: Free