Microsoft recently launched its Chromium based Edge browser and has now started releasing it to all Windows 10 users. While the browser won some good reviews for its performance and features, Google doesn’t seem too pleased with the new competition that is not easy to shrug off. It started promoting Chrome browser to the Chromium Edge users trying to access its services and apps.

For example, even if you try to access Google news site, you will be welcome by the “Google recommends using Chrome” ad. Google promotes Chrome over Edge claiming it to be “Fast and secure browser”.

Now, it seems Microsoft has become equally aggressive in pushing Chromium Edge to Chrome Brower users. If you happen to use Chrome browser and visit any of the official Microsoft sites you will see “The new browser recommended by Microsoft is here” message.

This browser war seems amusing given both browser are based on “Chromium platform”. Both Google and Microsoft claim their browsers to be more secure, private and faster even after being based on the same platform.