Cortana for Windows 10 remains one of the cornerstone features of the Microsoft’s new operating system, and the company is now focused on improving the service.

Today, Redmond has announced that the personal assistant is now integrated with LinkedIn, the business oriented social network.

This blog post just went live, with the Windows Team explaining that since Cortana was developed from the very beginning to be a truly personal digital assistant, just like a real assistant, she can now provide you with detailed information about every single meeting.

Work focused social network, remember!

So thanks to this LinkedIn support, Cortana now has the ability to look up more information about the people you are about to meet, and display everything on the desktop so you go in prepared.

And always remain up to date.

Microsoft explains how this feature works:

“Meeting reminders will get even more helpful with the addition of rich information about the people you are meeting with provided by LinkedIn and included in every meeting reminder. When you connect your LinkedIn account to Cortana, you’ll have access to information about people such as photo, job role and company, a link to their LinkedIn profile, and the ability to connect on LinkedIn directly from your Cortana meeting reminders.”


Now as you may have guessed, this feature is not yet ready for everyone, so Microsoft will gradually release it for users across the globe — it may take a while to rollout for all Windows 10 users, but it’s coming alright.

Once it lands on your PC, you will simply be able to launch the Cortana Notebook and connect your LinkedIn Accounts in the Connected Accounts screen.

That done, the personal digital assistant will use your account to search for more information about your contacts, display details like job role, company and photos on the desktop.