Xbox 360

You won’t dare to miss it! Xbox 360 games sale is on and there are many wonderful games available on discounts. This games sale will go on for a week. Though, some of the titles will be on discount for one day daily, only to be replaced by next set of game titles next day. We are now in day 5.

Day 5 specific deals:

Payday 2Games on Demand67%
Assassin’s Creed RevelationsGames on Demand50%
CondemnedGames on Demand75%
Mortal KombatGames on Demand75%
Fallout 3Games on Demand67%
Sonic GenerationsGames on Demand75%
State of DecayArcade50%
The CaveArcade75%


Deals valid through the week:

Some of the game titles will be on discount till 25th February.

Portal 2Games on Demand67%
Mass EffectGames on Demand75%
Asura’s WrathGames on Demand81%
DiRT 3Games on Demand80%
Driver San FranciscoGames on Demand67%
Fable III Games on Demand50%
Batman: Arkham City Games on Demand75%
Motocross MadnessArcade80%
Alan Wake’s American NightmareArcade70%
Guardians of Middle EarthArcade93%
Dungeons and Dragons DaggerdaleArcade80%
Rock Band BlitzArcade73%
Dust: An Elysian TailArcade80%

You would like to visit WinCentral, when next batch of discounted game titles are announced tomorrow. Stay tuned!