New leaks suggest that Dell has already begun their preparations for Dual-Screen Mobile devices codenamed Januss that can be simulated as two PCs. With that Dell will be joining Microsoft who are working on something similar, Andromeda! It goes without saying that this new Dell foldable mobile device will run on Andromeda on top of Windows shell.

A Microsoft watcher WalkingCat on Twitter recently posted some images regarding the device info. The images give us enough details of the device to make the claim.  The device will sport similar features as a smartphone with stuff like camera and will be able to make phone calls. The device might run Snapdragon 850 or higher but we don’t have any concrete proof to make such claim.

This should not surprise our reader as we have reported long ago that HP, Dell and Lenovo are actively involved or will soon join Microsoft in bringing innovative Mobile hardware powered by Andromeda. The time has finally come and we have some insights of what Dell has been working on lately. As of now, we don’t have any details like how Dell will differentiate this device from Microsoft’s Surface Andromeda or what exclusive feature Dell’s Januss will offer.

As Redstone 5 nears the September release we will see more patents and leaks from several PC manufacturers or even smartphone makers. Windows finally has become capable enough to be run on a dual screen device which will be a productivity powerhouse. We expect Microsoft to talk about Andromeda and their partners this year itself With the Redstone 5 release.