We reported about Microsoft inadvertently making the Extensions page live before pulling it. We however could get the Google Cache of this page that still has download links of the extensions. Now site BAV0 has not only downloaded the extensions but also has done a very interesting experiment that may mean a lot to Windows 10 Fans who want to use Microsoft Edge as the default browser. It seems that Chrome browser is able to load and run these extensions quite easily provided some minor changes are made to them. Here are the changes that the site made for running the Edge extensions in Chrome,

  • Easy enough to fix, just add  “manifest_version”: 2, to the manifest. Retry.
  • Some localization files in the extension (\_locales\XX\messages.json) are empty, those obviously aren’t valid JSON and can’t be parsed by Chrome. Let’s delete all folders with an empty messages.json file in them and try again (or simply delete all folders except _locales\en):

These two changes made Chrome to run two of the extensions Translator and Mouse Gestures near perfectly. Check the below image for Translator extension in action and follow the source link for more.


This may have simply revealed how Microsoft plans to get more extensions for Edge when the support arrives with a future Windows 10 build. If Edge extensions are compatible with Chrome only after making these minor changes, Edge may be able to run Chrome extensions too with minor changes.