Great news for those who use emulators on Windows Phone 8 devices and own a MOGA controller as well. All three Emulators VBA8, Snes8x & VGBC8 have been updated with MOGA controller support. The only issue is that only devices with GDR3 update are compatible. Check the tutorial video below on how to use the MOGA controller with WP8 device,

Latest version changes:


– MOGA controller support (both Pocket and Pro version). *REQUIRE GDR3*. Remember to enable it in Settings -> Input and watch the instruction video.

– Attempt to fix virtual controller freezing issue.

– Add in-app purchase to remove ads.

The Snes8x emulator doesn’t need in-app purchase to remove ads. Click the direct links below to download the emulators.

VBA8 Snes8xVGBC8