Windows Subsystem

The latest Windows 10 Insider build 16176 didn’t ship with new features but it does improve upon a lot on the Windows Subsystem for Linux. We recently covered about the new features and improvements in a blog post, but today we will take a closer look at the at the file system improvements to the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows or WSL.

First up, the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will now enable you to manually mount Windows drives using the DrvFs file system.

Additionally, WSL also supports manual mounting of additional storage like removable drives or network locations etc. Earlier, the WSL was bound to automatically mount all fixed NTFS drives once you launched Bash.

There is also the added support for other file systems such as FAT, as well as mounting network locations. This is such a nice feature, as you will not only be able to fetch data from any drive like USB stick but also from any network location, all from within WSL on Windows 10.

Please note that the FAT file system is not case sensitive, and does not support hard links or symbolic links.

For an in-depth information and instructions on mounting DrvFs, visit this page