Files UWP

The modern file explorer for Windows 10 – Files UWP Preview – is receiving an update in the Microsoft Store.

The app just updated to v0.13 with tons of new features, UI polish and bug fixes.

New features

  • Added an option to open more than one page on startup
  • Redesigned the tabbed interface
  • Added an option to open jumplist items in an existing instance
  • Remember the sort option and direction across multiple sessions
  • Added relative path support and environmental variable support to the Navigation Bar
  • Highlight the Navigation Bar when hovering over it
  • Added the ability to use the escape key to exit the properties window
  • Added the ability to resize the sidebar
  • Auto complete folder names when typing in the Navigation Bar
  • Implemented folder dropdown list for the Navigation Bar
  • Added drop support to the Navigation Bar
  • Added support for launching URIs from the Navigation Bar
  • Implemented dragging storage items from other apps into Files UWP
  • Implemented drop to sidebar items
  • Added support for shortcut files
  • Added an icon to indicate if folders are empty
  • Added “open” to the context menu for folders and shortcuts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with launching terminal profiles from the Navigation Bar
  • Fixed a bug where invert selection would not work
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when parsing the Terminal.json file
  • Fixed an issue where the tab title did not display correctly in some cases
  • Fixed drag-drop and rearrange tabs
  • Fixed an issue where closing the properties window would sometimes crash the app

Find the app in the store by clicking on the link below.

Files App
Files App
Developer: Yair A
Price: $8.99