Firefox 40

Firefox has released its latest browser “Firefox 40” and great news is that it comes with support for Windows 10 as promised by Firefox sometime back. In case you use Firefox on Windows you can just go to about in settings and check for updates or else click here. Read the full detailed Firefox changelog below.

Firefox 40 changelog:


  • Support for Windows 10
  • Added protection against unwanted software downloads
  • User can receive suggested tiles in the new tab page based on categories Firefox matches to browsing history (en-US only).
  • Hello allows adding a link to conversations to provide context on what the conversation will be about
  • New style for add-on manager based on the in-content preferences style
  • Improved scrolling, graphics, and video playback performance with off main thread compositing (GNU/Linux only)
  • Graphic blocklist mechanism improved: Firefox version ranges can be specified, limiting the number of devices blocked




Known Issues:

  • If Firefox is restarted from an add-on install notification, on-going private browsing downloads might be canceled without warning (1185294)