The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myappFree app of the day is Messier Catalog. The “Messier Catalog” contains the most spectacular examples of sky objects. Since they can be easily observed, they are among the brightest and therefore most attractive astronomical objects.

This app offers you to a deep look into space and contains full names, awesome pictures, detailed descriptions and a guide for locating in the sky these objects.

Messier Catalog Features:

– General info about Messier object

– General info about StarChart

– All Sky StarChart showing location of Messier objects

– Live Mosaic view

– All 110 Messier objects with detailed data:

– Picture (with zoom mode)

– Name of Messier object

– Type of Messier object

– M and NGC numbers

– Constellation

– Distance

– Object Radius

– Magnitude

– Object Description

– Detailed Constellation map for showing location for each object

– Wikipedia links for more details for each object

Find out more by downloading Messier Catalog now and save $1.49.

Messier Catalog
Messier Catalog
Developer: EspooTeam
Price: Free