Originally filed back in 2016, a patent showcasing expandable-display device from Microsoft is finally granted. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the patent which explains Microsoft’s ambition with mobile PC. The patent, however, is concept-wise a lot different from what we have already seen. Earlier patents on Andromeda possessed a dual display which was criticised a lot due to the device not being pocket-friendly and bulky.

It’s been almost a decade and Microsoft is still toying with the idea of a mobile PC, the first iteration being Microsoft courier which did not see the daylight. Microsoft Andromeda is metaphorically speaking, a second attempt to make that Courier product more appealing and intuitive. The device was, according to our sources planned to release to the consumer at the end of 2018. It is until recently that Microsoft put Courier idea in cold storage for the second time to further develop the project.

By taking a closer look at those images we see a single display inside which you will have another display embedded that can be expanded just by pulling the right side when needed. The secondary display that pops out when intended from the main-frame, works in conjunction with the primary display.

It is important to remember that patents don’t always end up as a product. In fact, the otherwise is more likely if we look at the history. Patents give us a closer look at the company’s research with that particular concept which is a favorite thing among all the tech companies. So it can so happen that Microsoft releases the much-hyped Andromeda in its current form factor in the future.