Microsoft has been working quite a bit since it first announced the dark theme support for chat-based GroupMe application for Android. But, unfortunately, pulled it off after several users reported issues with app UI/UX on devices with an older version of Android.

Now, the application is receiving yet another (v5.12.1) bug fixing update which surprisingly adds a new “Automatic” option to the Dark Theme mode. Once set, this applies the dark theme automatically without any user intervention and works in accordance with the time of the day.

Go to settings >> scroll down to Theme section. Tap dark theme and choose “Automatic”.

If you are a group member, you can now view and edit topics for groups you’re in.


– Tired of having to switch dark theme on/off by yourself? We have a new automatic setting that enables the dark theme at night time, and disables it in the morning for you like magic!
– Now Android users can join in the fun of viewing and editing topics for groups you’re in!
– We fixed login issues that were affecting some users
– We added a bunch more accessibility improvements for TalkBack users

Find the update in the Google Play Store below.

Developer: GroupMe
Price: Free