This simple Windows 10 tutorial tells you two quicker ways to access Control Panel, This PC (My Computer), Run Command and Command Prompt on Windows 10. Depending upon how frequently you want to access these Desktop apps, you can just use one of the options provided below.

Use Search to find & pin to taskbar:

Windows 10 Control Panel search 1

You can use search box to type initial letters or word like “Control” to get Control Panel appear in search results. Though it is easy yet if you want to access it more often, right click on it to get context sensitive menu and then pin to start or task-bar. Pinning to taskbar may be the fastest way to access these options subsequently, as you can do it just after your device is ready after switching on.

Pin to Start Screen:

You can either  search for each app in search box and then pin it to start screen or there is an easier way to do so. Go to start screen and from All apps select apps starting with “W”. Here you can see “windows System” Folder. In this folder you will get all the old Desktop apps like Control Panel, Run, Command Prompt and This PC aka My Computer. Now when you pin them to Start Screen you can access them very easily by just going to Start after your system boots up. Check the screenshots below.

Windows 10 Control Panel 1

Windows 10 Control Panel 2

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