HP has made HP Elite X3 Price & Release Date official for US and European markets. The smartphone will be released in more than 45 markets and you can read the full list by clicking here. In this article we cover best deals and offers on HP elite X3 in all markets.

HP Elite X3 Best Offer / Buy links


HP Elite X3 is now listed in HongKong at official HP Store

Buy link


HP Elite X3 is now available to book in Australia at official HP Store.

Elite X3 Australia link

US & Canada:

Microsoft Store is now selling HP Elite X3 + Dock Bundle for $599 in US on Presidents’ Day.

MS Store link

Best Deal: Amazon has HP Elite X3 available for a Price of $639.99. (Thanks helpitcrashedagain for the tip in comments)

Amazon link

You can buy Device + Desk Dock combo now for $689 at official HP Store.

Elite X3 US link

Buy the HP Elite X3 Bundle for just $1298. Here is what makes the bundle.

  • Unlocked HP Elite x3
  • HP Elite Desk Dock
  • HP Elite Lap Dock
  • HP Elite Case
  • HP Elite Screen Protector

Bundle link

Microsoft Store Canada has also stated taking pre-orders for HP Elite X3 for CAD $999. Release Date is mentioned to be September 12. It Includes HP Elite x3 Desk Dock.

MS Store link

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In UK the official HP pricing has been slashed to £673.00.

HP Official Elite X3 UK link

Microsoft Store is selling HP Elite X3 + Desk dock for £706

Microsoft Store link


You can now buy HP Elite X3 + Desk dock from official HP store for a delivery in 5-10 working days for EUR 869. It is priced EU 829 without cradle dock.

HP Store link

Best priced deal for HP Elite X3 in Germany is EUR 728.

Buy link

MediaMarkt has it on pre-order now for EUR 799 without dock. With Dock you can buy it for EUR 819. Delivery is expected in 9-10 working days.

Without Dock    With Dock


HP Elite X3 can now be booked in Spain with a promised delivery in 10-15 days. It is priced 845,79€ without Dock and 882,09€ with Dock. (Via WPA)

Without Dock    With Dock


HP Elite X3 can now be booked in France from Microsoft Store with a promised delivery on September 6. It is priced at 899€ with Dock.

Microsoft Store link

In case of other European markets, you would be able get the unlocked device for just a price of EUR 699. For the Device + premium headset + HP Elite x3 Desk Dock combo you will need to shell EUR 729. This now seems like smart pricing.

HP Elite X3 is the most powerful Windows 10 Mobile device known officially. It runs on the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and packs a 6-inch QHD display. It is the first Windows 10 Mobile Smartphone to come with both Fingerprint sensor and IR scanner. It will also showcase virtualized Win32 apps installed on it that can be run via Continuum on connected PCs.

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Last we reported about claimed pricing and release date of HP Elite X3 for Italy market. And now we are able to report official pricing of HP Elite X3 for US market. Official listing of the device at HP US site reveals the pricing to be $799 for HP Elite X3.

HP Elite X3 US Price

HP Elite X3 link

But the listings have appeared for not only US market, but for other markets like France, Spain (Spain pricing first reported by MSInsiders) as well. The pricing for Spain market is EUR 845.79 and 882.09 for Single Sim / Dual-Sim versions of HP Elite X3. In case of France it is priced at EUR 838.80 and 874.80 for Single Sim / Dual-Sim versions.

France link

Microsoft is tipped to release Anniversary update in July and it may not be surprising to see devices running Anniversary update coming out slightly earlier than the update release date.