Edge score

Microsoft has talked in detail about the performance enhancements that they have made in the Chakra JavaScript engine in Windows 10 for Microsoft Edge. In the latest Windows 10 build 10122, Edge packs some more enhancements in Chakra’s JIT compiler, based on feedback and telemetry data from the web.

Most of the optimizations that we detailed above are based on data from the web as it exists today, and help the existing web run fast in Microsoft Edge. That said, as much as we’d not like to talk about synthetic benchmarks, we often get asked about how (Chakra in) Microsoft Edge performs on popular JavaScript benchmarks. Here’s a look at the performance enhancements that we’ve delivered so far in Microsoft Edge on two JavaScript benchmarks, vis-à-vis IE11 and other popular browsers.

The result is really impressive and as can be seen in the image above, Microsoft Edge beats both Firefox and Chrome on two of the most popular JavaScript benchmarks: Octane 2.0 and Jet Stream.