670x502xwpid-a3s6dlz-670x502.png.pagespeed.ic.FHYIOcijF4 670x502xwpid-tbxw2e1-670x502.png.pagespeed.ic.V6JkhVip8WWindows Threshold, which is the next major Windows release has been rumored to sport a new mini “start menu” for Desktop / laptop SKU. Now, leaked screenshots from a claimed Threshold build, reveal the new start menu in its full glory. The second screenshot reveals how the windowed modern apps will look like.

‘myce’, which has posted these screenshots claims this to be build 9795, compiled on July 13th and part of the uip_dev feature build lab (FBL). This particular build doesn’t have Modern UI titlebars.

Windows Threshold, which will bring merger of Windows Phone and Windows RT is rumored for a preview by Microsoft in fall.