Lenovo 500 multimedia controller

Lenovo has announced a new state-of-the-art wireless controller which packs in the keyboard as well as the mouse and fits in the palm of your hand — Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller, at CES 2017.

Want to browse the web from your couch? Or turn on your favorite playlist from the dining table? We’ve got you covered, with the Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller. It’s not only a mouse and keyboard in one, it’s also a remote control optimized for your Windows operating system. With an ergonomic design and up to 8 months battery life, the versatile Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller will make your life easier.


The Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller offers up to 65.6 ft (20 m)4 of wireless range than the typical 32.8 ft (10 m) range of conventional wireless remotes.

The large touchpad is optimized to support Windows operating systems. With up to three finger gestures and physical left/right mouse buttons, this controller combines all the functions of a standard mouse and keyboard–plus six extra multimedia shortcuts.

It weighs just 0.31 lbs (141 g) which means you can easily carry it around in the Office and use it for large-screen or even dual-screen presentations.


Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller starts at $54.99, available beginning in March 2017.